A concussion is an injury to the brain, which can be caused by a sudden acceleration to the head and neck. The WHO diagnostic criteria for a concussion states a jolt or direct hit to the head with one or more of the following symptoms; Amnesia lasting 24 hours or less, loss of consciousness for 30 minutes or less, Glasgow coma scale (13- 15/15) or dazed and confused (at the time of the injury).

Symptoms can appear immediately or in some cases, days following the initial injury.
Concussions can occur from various activities including falls, sports, motor vehicle collisions or being struck by an object.

The majority of individuals that sustain a concussion begin to feel better and have symptoms alleviate within a few days to weeks. There are however, a small percentage of the population whose symptoms can persist for months or longer. This is called Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

Concussion Supports and Resources

Acquired Brain Injury-Self-Management Program 604-737-6291

CATT Online – Concussion Awareness Training Tool

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) is a series of online educational modules and resources with the goal of standardizing concussion recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Fraser Health Acquired Brain Injury and Concussion Services

GF Strong Rehabilitation 604-714-4186
Early Response Brain Injury Service (Concussion Service)
For people that are experiencing post-concussion symptoms for more than 6 months and less than 1 year. Provides education and support to adults who have experienced a concussion. Provides rehabilitation, community support and residential services to adults who have experienced a brain injury.

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association – Concussion Information 604-557-1913